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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
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        Advance Health Equity Through Data
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        Executive Leadership

        Meet the leaders behind FinThrive. With more than 210 years of combined industry experience, this innovative team is changing healthcare finance as we know it.

        Hemant Goel

        President and CEO

        Hemant Goel leads the company’s mission to make revenue cycle management simple, efficient and accurate. With more than 35 years of global experience and proven success in healthcare information technology, he brings a comprehensive set of management, technical and product development skills to the organization. Hemant believes FinThrive is at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare finance space. Delivering solutions that break the cycle of inefficiency helps advance the healthcare economy and uplift the entire healthcare system.


        Cheryl Alden

        Chief Marketing Officer

        Cheryl Alden is responsible for the overall marketing strategy at FinThrive. With more than 25 years in enterprise software marketing, Cheryl is well versed in leading teams to develop high-impact marketing and brand strategies that drive growth, improve the customer experience and optimize enterprise value. She believes technology innovation is the answer to making healthcare effective and sustainable. For Cheryl, being part of an organization that enables providers to deliver great experiences for both their patients and team members is a rewarding opportunity.


        Evan Goad

        Chief Strategy & M&A Officer

        Evan Goad is responsible for leading strategy and corporate development, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alignment with key partners. With more than two decades of experience leading strategy, M&A and operations in healthcare technology and consumer products, Evan joined FinThrive from TransUnion, where he spent the last decade building TransUnion’s Healthcare business from start-up to scaling growth business. He is passionate about building technology-enabled solutions that make healthcare more accessible for patients and more efficient for providers.


        Mark Janiszewski

        Chief Solution Officer

        Mark Janiszewski is responsible for the product leadership of FinThrive's provider solutions. With extensive product management experience from Greenway Health and McKesson, Mark joined FinThrive in 2018 and works closely with clients as well as development, marketing, sales, and operations to strengthen FinThrive’s solutions and deliver best-in-class offerings. He embraces the challenge and opportunity to reduce the waste in the healthcare system so that more healthcare dollars can be focused on improving patient health.


        Sally Kurth

        Chief Human Resources Officer

        Sally Kurth is responsible for all Human Capital Management, including talent development, total rewards, human resources operations, organizational design and capability, talent acquisition, colleague engagement and retention. A 16-year FinThrive veteran, Sally has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare services. She is inspired by the spirit and commitment of those in healthcare services who are passionate about their responsibility to support the mission of healthcare providers.


        John Landy

        Chief Technology Officer

        John Landy is responsible for Development, Infrastructure, Corporate IT and Information Security. John brings more than 30 years of experience solving business problems with innovative solutions created by global technology teams. As a creative, results-driven leader, John believes FinThrive's products can provide healthcare providers with greater automation and efficiencies, that will enable them to focus on improving patient outcomes.


        Greg Lanier

        Chief Growth Officer

        Greg Lanier is responsible for leading FinThrive's growth initiatives and sales team. Greg has more than 25 years' experience developing and implementing strategic initiatives to increase and accelerate growth across organizations. He is a proven high performance team builder and leader. Greg is excited to have the unique opportunity to create and become the market leader for a new platform category in healthcare revenue management. This category delivers material savings to our customers while improving the patient experience.

        Christy Mitchell

        Christy Mitchell

        Chief of Staff

        Christy Mitchell is responsible for directing administrative and operational activities for the CEO and partnering with the executive leadership team to build business effectiveness. A 14-year FinThrive veteran, she brings more than 30 years of healthcare experience in technology operations, product management, client communication and business alignment to her role. Christy strives to help ensure healthcare providers have the data insights they need to improve operations and enhance clinical outcomes.


        Dan Mulligan

        Chief Legal Officer

        Dan Mulligan is responsible for all FinThrive legal and compliance issues, including corporate governance, HIPAA privacy, litigation, regulatory issues and government affairs. He joined FinThrive in 2009 after serving as a litigator in private practice for more than 20 years. Dan believes everyone has a right to quality healthcare, and that FinThrive’s work with its clients can help this become a reality.


        Chris Nester

        Chief Financial Officer

        Chris Nester is responsible for supporting strategic partnerships and financial transactions. With more than 25 years in financial leadership, Chris is experienced in capital allocation, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations and risk management. A dynamic CFO with deep-seated technology industry knowledge, Chris is excited for the opportunity to revolutionize an industry that is critical to the health and economy of the United States at FinThrive.


        Brad Rennick

        Chief Customer Officer

        Brad Rennick is responsible for leading the FinThrive Client Organization and delivering a world-class client experience that ensures the successful adoption of FinThrive solutions. He has more than 20 years’ experience in enterprise relationship management, complex solution delivery, technical support, education development and client success, with the last 10 years as an executive leader in a high-growth ambulatory SaaS EMR. Brad believes that with strong relationship alignment and a single focus on helping our clients exceed their business goals, we will continue transforming the revenue cycle and providing a positive patient outcome.


        John Yount

        Chief Innovation Officer

        John Yount is responsible for the growth of FinThrive’s portfolio in emerging and adjacent markets and amplifying FinThrive’s identity in the healthcare information technology industry. With more than 25 years of experience, John joins FinThrive following leadership roles at McKesson Corporation and TransUnion Healthcare. John joined TransUnion Healthcare in 2016 as part of the healthcare leadership team, where he helped define the strategies that led to a billion dollar+ valuation. John is focused on creating value by helping customers address issues – which has positively impacted customer success and company growth.