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    Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
    Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.


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      Advance Health Equity Through Data
      Learn actionable strategies to turn robust data into powerful patient and member experiences.

      Partners & Resellers

      Expand your offerings

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      Partners & Resellers

      Expand your offerings

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      When your product suite meets our market-leading platform, great things can happen

      Speed up revenue growth and improve customer satisfaction by expanding your offerings with embedded FinThrive solutions. Offer best-in-class revenue protection solutions that maximize reimbursements and lead to better patient financial experiences. Our solutions come with first-class support from a committed and collaborative partner.

      Our Solutions

      Grow your business
      Create stronger customer relationships
      Improve the patient experience
      Merge differentiated data seamlessly into your own platform

      FinThrive helps your customers

      Capture accurate insurance information to:
      Decrease time spent in accounts receivable
      Reduce denials
      Maximize reimbursement

      Improve price transparency to:
      Increase point-of-service collections
      Reduce bad debt
      Meet price transparency mandates

      Streamline verification of demographic data to:
      Improve patient registration process
      Eliminate duplicate/mismatched patient records
      Reduce administrative costs

      Accelerate claim resolution by:
      Providing up-to-date claim status information
      Prioritizing accounts that need attention
      Helping reduce denials and A/R days

      Use SDOH data to:
      Advance health equity
      Determine healthcare usage patterns
      Gain insight into effective intervention strategies

      Use propensity-to-pay analytics to:
      Gauge a patient’s willingness/ability to pay
      Determine if charity care is an option

      I like partnering with an organization that has a strong footprint in the eligibility space and has continually demonstrated a willingness to be a partner, not just a vendor. We have monthly meetings to review key areas of performance and improvement together.
      Revenue Cycle Management Company

      Experience and Customer Satisfaction


      20+ years' experience with healthcare partnerships


      98% satisfaction score from existing partners, emphasizing our superior customer service


      50 years' experience analyzing and predicting consumer payment behavior

      Imagine revenue management without the friction

      See how it’s possible with FinThrive


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