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    Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
    Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.


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      Advance Health Equity Through Data
      Learn actionable strategies to turn robust data into powerful patient and member experiences.

      Patient Access

      Your patients win, and so do you

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      Patient Access

      Your patients win, and so do you

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      More value for your patients and your organization

      Patients expect greater transparency, along with useful resources and tools, to better understand the financial aspects of their care. Our patient access solutions deliver the price transparency, efficiency and seamless digital check-in your patients expect—which means more engagement and upfront collections for your organization. It’s a win-win.

      Improve your patient financial experience, streamline workflows and increase point-of-service collections with technology you can count on.

      Patient Experience Insight Guide

      Enhance the digital patient experience 

      Five areas where digital tools are mission critical


      Solution Stats

      0 %

      95%–98.7% accuracy in patient estimation


      Achieves pre-visit financial clearance for 75% of patients, including ED and walk-ins


      ROI realized from increased POS collections

      Patient Expectation Stats

      0 %

      of patients look up the cost of medical procedures online


      of patients said knowing their out-of-pocket expenses in advance impacts the likelihood of pursuing care


      of consumers want to know their payment responsibility upfront

      Why FinThrive?

      Our “Best in KLAS” patient access technology gives you the innovation you need to continuously improve patient experience. We have the technology, expertise and scale to deliver a frictionless revenue experience.


      Benefit from our full suite of solutions

      Increased accuracy, increased payments
      FinThrive delivers estimates that have a 95%–98.7% accuracy rate, setting the industry standard. What’s more, patients can create estimates online, on their own time, prior to their office visit.

      Give your patients what they need and demand: safe, easy virtual check-in
      Our suite of digital, self-service tools empowers patients to complete registration documentation and submit payments virtually. It financially clears more than 75% of patients before service, including ED and walk-ins.

      Patient engagement and financing
      Strengthen patient relationships and improve collection efforts by providing a personalized payment experience.

      Avoid billing delays
      Using accurate patient identity and contact information in the patient financial clearance process can help reduce costs associated with billing delays, errors and duplicate medical records.

      Get a complete picture of a patient’s ability and willingness to pay
      This critical information optimizes your collections and enables you to guide patients to financial resources they may need.

      Give your patients the digital experience they expect with Virtual Intake

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      These tools provide value for our patients and greatly benefit our staff, improving their efficiency and freeing them to better address patient care.
      Nina Dusang
      Chief Financial Officer at DCH
      The system is designed to provide our staff with multiple ways to obtain information from patients. Service categories and individual tests can be entered on the same estimate, and estimates are available in multiple languages to aid in effective communication.
      Former Director, Admitting
      Community Wide Scheduling and Privacy Officer, Valley Presbyterian Hospital
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