The Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM)

    RCMTAM offers healthcare providers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and enhance financial and technological performance through an evidence-based, five-stage maturity model.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      Patient Access Transformed

      Your patients win, and so do you

      Patient Access Transformed

      Your patients win, and so do you

      More value for your patients and organization

      In today's healthcare landscape, patients expect full transparency, valuable resources and user-friendly tools to better manage the financial aspects of their care journey. Our patient access technology provides the price transparency, efficiency and effortless digital check-in your patients expect — which means increased engagement and improved collections. It's a win-win.

      Discover how FinThrive can transform the patient financial experience, streamline workflows and boost collections at every stage, from pre-service to point-of-service and post-service interactions. 

      Patient Experience Insight Guide

      Enhance the digital patient experience 

      Five areas where digital tools are mission critical


      Patient Access Challenges 

      Providers are bogged down by denials, resources, collections, errors and compliance 


      $4.9 million in losses

      The typical health system stands to lose an average of $4.9 million per hospital every year due to denials 1


      Preventing 50% of claim denials

      ...but staff may lack the time and resources to get it right the first time 2


      Only 50 - 70% of patient balances collected

      Studies show that providers can only expect to collect 50-70% of patient balance after a visit 3

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      46% registration error rate

      Registration professionals collect 70% of the data needed for billing, but the average registration error rate is 46% 4


      70% struggle with compliance

      More than 70% of providers report achieving compliance has been a burden 5


      $8.6 billion missed revenue yearly

      Due to claim denials and high administrative costs 6

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      Create a better patient experience with digital access and engagement 


      Create a better patient experience with
      digital access and engagement 

      Access Coordinator is your end-to-end patient access resource with comprehensive guidance and a single access point for a healthier revenue cycle.

      Virtual Intake streamlines patient registration with a user-friendly digital platform that simplifies scheduling, payment collection and data integration for greater efficiency.

      Improve Patient Convenience with Access Coordinator and Virtual Intake's Seamless Integration

      Transform your Patient Access experience with FinThrive. Our comprehensive products, superior support and unrivaled accuracy ensure hassle-free compliance and valuable patient data.



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      Product Stats

      0 %

      95%–99% accuracy in patient estimation


      Achieves pre-visit financial clearance for 75% of patients, including emergency department and walk-ins


      Pre-service payments increased 50%


      "These tools provide value for our patients and greatly benefit our staff, improving their efficiency and freeing them to better address patient care."

      Nina Dusang
      Chief Financial Officer at DCH Health System



      From educational resources to expert advice

      Discover webinars, blogs, guides and more to fuel a better patient experience!

      Unlock knowledge with the FinThrive Resource Center

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      Benefit from our full suite of products

      Increased staff efficiency

      Automate data entry, insurance verification and documentation to free-up valuable patient care time

      Error-free registration

      Achieve 10% higher data accuracy with Access Coordinator's unlimited custom registration rules

      Optimized revenue stream

      Minimize errors and redundancies with intelligent rules and workflows ensuring quicker financial clearance

      Enhanced patient convenience

      Streamline registration, scheduling and payments with our Virtual Intake product for a more convenient patient experience

      Improved collections

      Advanced payment estimation and flexible payment options for a stress-free experience for patients and improved collections

      Superior support and service

      Comprehensive and continuous support through dedicated project managers, consultants and customer success managers

      "The system is designed to provide our staff with multiple ways to obtain information from patients. Service categories and individual tests can be entered on the same estimate, and estimates are available in multiple languages to aid in effective communication."

      Former Director, Admitting Community Wide Scheduling and Privacy Officer
      Valley Presbyterian Hospital

      Why FinThrive?

      Our “Best in KLAS” patient access technology gives you the innovation you need to continuously improve patient experience. We have the technology, expertise and scale to deliver a frictionless revenue experience.

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