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      Advance Health Equity Through Data
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      Speed Claim Payments
      and Prevent Denials

      We’ll show you how

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      Speed Claim Payments and Prevent Denials

      We’ll show you how

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      Hospitals lose $5 million every year to claims denials

      A typical health system will see nearly $5 million in claims denied in a given year, representing 3.3% of net patient revenue. Because an estimated 50% of denied claims are never reworked, we know that improving your clean claims rate is a top priority.

      We offer the only end-to-end, single-vendor solution purpose-built to improve your clean claims rate. Our solution delivers a 98.7% payer claims acceptance rate and produces claims that result in full reimbursement. And it integrates with your patient accounting systems—providing visibility across your entire revenue cycle continuum.

      Interested in best practice tips to boost profitability and reduce denials? Check out our Lifecycle of a Claim guide for your path to payment.

      Our Solutions

      Improve patient information accuracy
      Prevent errors that cause denials
      Speed claim payments and lower costs
      Increase efficiency and offer actionable insights

      Proven Results


      One client increased its clean claims by 35,000


      That’s 29,000 less claim rejections


      UW Medical Center increased its clean claim rate from 84% to 92%


      Average days from statement to export dropped to 33%

      Why FinThrive for Cleaner Claims?

      We deliver a clean claim rate unmatched in the industry. How? By bringing systems, automations, analytics and role-based education into one integrated platform. All backed by the technology, scale and expertise to deliver a frictionless revenue experience.

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