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    Four Simple Steps to Uncover Hidden Revenue 
    You could be missing out on millions in annual revenue. Learn how to recover every earned dollar.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.


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        Advance Health Equity Through Data
        Learn actionable strategies to turn robust data into powerful patient and member experiences.

        We Help Health
        Plans Succeed

        Improve member engagement
        with technology you can trust

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        We Help Health
        Plans Succeed

        Improve member engagement
        with technology you can trust

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        Cost savings and revenue without compromise

        Healthcare payers are positioned to drive industry change, but to do so you need a partner firmly committed to your success—and the well-being of your members. As a market-leading revenue management company, FinThrive is a trusted ally dedicated to helping health plans manage member care more effectively. Advance engagement strategies, access contact information that’s updated and accurate and create better health outcomes for those you serve.

        Our solutions help you deliver cost savings and protect revenue—without compromising on quality.

        Armed with the right data strategy and sources, payers can make great strides in moving toward affordability for their members and themselves.
        Jonathan Wiik
        VP, Healthcare Insights at FinThrive

        Why FinThrive is the Right Partner for Payers

        Our solutions help health plans:


        Advance health equity through data


        Identify other health insurance coverage to recover more revenue


        Improve member loyalty, wellness and engagement


        Reach members quickly with the most updated contact information


        Increase data quality and first-time throughput rates


        Better predict member and population risk

        Why FinThrive?

        With access to 10,000 data sources, connections to 880+ payers, and the ability to process more than 5 million transactions daily through our insurance clearinghouse, we’re ready to help you improve member health—and your bottom line.

        Set yourself up for success. Fill out the form below for more information, and one of our FinThrive experts will be in touch shortly.

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