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      Case Study
      Insurance Discover

      Cost Avoidance Strategy with Accenture Saves $702M for Large Medicaid Program

      Business issue

      A large Medicaid plan managed by Accenture has historically used monthly health plan eligibility reports to cross-check its member list and identify additional insurance coverage. The data matching process is not only inefficient, it’s also costly. Pay-and-chase recovery rates are 10% to 20%, at most. Plus, there’s no way to quantify how many additional insurance policies never hit the radar at all.


      Medicaid Program fee-for-service population has declined in recent years

      Cost avoidance savings continue to climb regardless of volume of lives covered

      Fee-for-service claims were appropriately billed to third-party payers through identification of other insurances and data maintenance


      Solution Highlights

      Significantly reduced administration burden and increased member satisfaction

      By identifying other health coverage, the payment responsibility is routed appropriately avoiding overpayment and incorrect billing

      Insurance Discover is the only technology in the market to continuously maintain data integrity


      Customer Overview

      Large state Medicaid program

      Operations managed by Accenture

      4.5 million members

      FinThrive Value


      Total cost avoidance savings of $702M from 2020-2023


      Identified additional medical and ancillary coverages for 4.9% of Medicaid members


      880+ payer EDI connections to 98% of US insured lives

      “We knew the value of cost avoidance and the potential it offered the Medicaid program to realize 100% of those savings.”

      Christine Hansen
      National Third-Party Liability Delivery Lead for Accenture

      Revenue management without limits

      FinThrive provides smarter, smoother revenue management to 3,250+ healthcare providers in North America, including 37 of the 40 largest hospitals and health systems in the U.S.

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