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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      Case Study
      Revenue Capture

      Phoebe Putney Identifies $12 Million of Lost Charges in First Year

      Business issue

      High number of billing inaccuracies resulted in lost revenue.

      Before FinThrive

      Inability to thoroughly audit over 225,000+ claims

      Complex billing process

      Lack of common goals

      Unfamiliar with process and nuances of coding, resulting in errors and missed charges


      Solution Highlights

      Maximizes reimbursements and improves clean claim rates

      Identifies missing revenue and compliance issues—pre-bill

      Scrubs bills before they reach the patient

      Improves charge accuracy and compliance


      Customer Overview

      A nonprofit, 691-bed teaching hospital in Southwest Georgia

      Serves more than 500,000 residents in 41 counties

      FinThrive Value


      FinThrive Revenue Capture reviews 100% of inpatient / outpatient bills


      Identified $12M in lost
      charges in its first year of use


      Leverages 12,000+ rules derived from clinical practices to increase net revenue

      “FinThrive Revenue Capture is a valuable tool for any organization. It’s the best and virtually only tool of its kind – compliance-centered and very effective in identifying lost charges. We know that we’re sending out clean claims and you can’t put a value on that assurance.”

      Wendy Allen
      Corporate Director, Revenue Management

      Revenue management without limits

      FinThrive provides smarter, smoother revenue management to 3,250+ healthcare providers in North America, including 37 of the 40 largest hospitals and health systems in the U.S.

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