The Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM)

    RCMTAM offers healthcare providers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and enhance financial and technological performance through an evidence-based, five-stage maturity model.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      Business Continuity Solutions to Plan for RCM Disruptions

      Healthcare's first-ever Standby Eligibility and Standby Claims Manager options

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      With the constant threat of cyberattacks or unforeseen disasters, providers are exploring backup plans to help ensure their technology and operations in the event of disruptions. Providers now realize that innovative and outside-the-box technology solutions are key to protecting their organizations and patients.

      FinThrive listened to our customers and healthcare leaders who raised the alarm to change their approach to RCM infrastructure.

      Based on the recent industry crises, we developed two standby options for eligibility verifications and claims processing. Implemented quickly and set up on "standby" as a backup when needed.


      Implement Standby Eligibility in advance and switch over instantly when needed


      Implement Standby Claims in advance for a rapid recovery during a failover


      Top rated by customers and providers including KLAS Research, Blackbook and Everest


      Supported by Security Information Management: industry standards, certifications and dedicated experts

      FinThrive helps you achieve your vision for revenue management.

      We can help your organization reach its potential with innovative technology and customer service.


      Standby Eligibility

      Backup your eligibility process with a solution for business continuity. 

      Patient Access Software Buyer’s Guide 
      Standby Eligibility Overview



      Standby Claims Manager & Clearinghouse

      Backup your clearinghouse with a solution to support your operations. 

      Claims Management Buyer's Guide
      Standby Claims Overview
      Case Study

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