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      On-Demand Webinar

      Optimizing Patient Experiences: Unlocking the Power of Pre-Registration with Intake Manager in Access Coordinator

      Learning Objectives
      1. Efficient Check-In: Understand how Intake Manager features streamline patient check-in, ensuring a quick start to their healthcare journey.
      2. Integration Benefits: Explore seamless integration of patient information with the staff-facing solution, enhancing operational efficiency by triggering events and eliminating redundancy.
      3. Communication Enhancement: Learn how Intake Manager fosters improved communication between registration and clinical staff, optimizing patient care through a collaborative environment.
      4. Optimized Payment: Discover the ease of collecting payments before or at the time of service, contributing to smoother financial workflows and administrative processes.
      5. Geofencing and Wayfinding: Uncover the innovative uses of wayfinding and geofencing technologies to simplify patient navigation, reducing the likelihood of missed or delayed appointments. 

      Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the pivotal role of pre-patient registration and explore the transformative capabilities of the Intake Manager, formerly known as VIM (Virtual Intake Manager), within the Access Coordinator – A FinThrive solution. This webinar aims to illuminate the significance of a streamlined check-in process in enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction. 

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