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    Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
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      Advance Health Equity Through Data
      Learn actionable strategies to turn robust data into powerful patient and member experiences.

      Becker's Health IT and Revenue Cycle Conference 2022

      Jonathan Wiik, VP of Healthcare Insights at FinThrive joins Scott Becker on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast to talk about health insurance, insights from his new book “Healthcare Evolution: Helping Providers Get Paid in an Era of Uncertainty” and more!

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      Living the Mission in Health and Business to Achieve Health Equity

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 27

      As health disparities come under the spotlight, the urgency to achieve health equity in the healthcare sector...

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      The Voice of the Patient… Heard Through the Megaphone of Data

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 26

      In this episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast, host Brian Urban sits down with Dr. Mitesh Rao, CEO of OMNY Health.

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      The Evolution of IT and Healthcare... Where Do We Go from Here?

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 25

      In this enlightening episode of the Rethink Healthcare podcast, host Brian Urban engages in a dynamic conversation...

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