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      The Current State of Healthcare and Digital Health

      In this 30-minute episode of “This Just In”, Jeff Becker, VP of Portfolio Marketing at FinThrive sheds light on the latest trends, strategy and innovations impacting healthcare finance. Hear best practices on how to navigate rising costs while improving profitability, efficiency and access to care.


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      Virtual Care Models are Reshaping Healthcare

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 45

      For a segment of FinThrive’s “Healthcare Rethink” podcast, host Brian Urban goes deeper into Dr. Grant's story and...

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      Art is Helping Remake Medicine

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 44

      Urban sits down with Emily Peters, CEO and Founder of Uncommon Bold. Together, they discuss the profound impact of...

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      Ella...Ella...Elevance Health!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 43

      A recent episode of the “Healthcare Rethink” podcast, explored Elevance Health's innovative approach to Medicare...

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