The Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM)

    RCMTAM offers healthcare providers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and enhance financial and technological performance through an evidence-based, five-stage maturity model.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      Contract Manager

      With a proactive approach to managing payer contracts, you can be certain your payments are accurate

      Contract Manager

      With a proactive approach to managing payer contracts, you can be certain your payments are accurate

      Unlock your revenue potential

      Accurately determining reimbursements from various payers is critically important for revenue management teams. FinThrive’s proactive approach and integration of cutting-edge intelligence enables you to confidently verify payment accuracy, strengthen contract negotiations and eliminate the need for labor-intensive manual work.

      FinThrive’s comprehensive platform empowers you to precisely calculate reimbursements for intricate commercial and government contracts, encompassing both insured and uninsured patients. This modern contract management solution optimizes workflows, increasing overall efficiency and enabling your staff to concentrate on higher-value assignments.

      Rely on Contract Manager to both optimize revenue potential and lighten the load on your staff — granting them valuable capacity to make more strategic contributions to your organization. 

      Drive Contract Excellence


      of payment discrepancies eliminated by addressing underpayments


      annual average recoup


      of delayed or lost revenue due to contractual underpayments


      Use Contract Manager to:


      Forecast revenue, negotiate favorable contracts and manage payer relationships accurately


      Reduce contract loading time and labor costs with dedicated experts to maintain contracts for the partnership's duration


      Calculate net A/R accurately at claim submission and easily resubmit underpaid claims with online tools and letter templates


      Optimize contract negotiations and payer management for maximum profitability


      Eliminate the burden of loading and maintaining complex service types and fee schedules


      Calculate the total revenue contractually owed from all payer sources, including government contracts, commercial contracts and patients—all in one solution

      98%+ contract pricing accuracy

      Across all payers, including complex government contracts 

      "One thing I like about FinThrive Contract Manager is the speed. Getting reports out of the solution is pretty fast, and the solution runs very fast compared to other tools. Navigating the solution is very easy. When we have to go to FinThrive for something more extensive, they are customer friendly in terms of getting us what we need."
      Vice President
      February 2024
      "FinThrive Contract Manager is an easy product to use, and we don’t have to have a PhD to build on it. It is also a huge plus that the contracts are stored in the solution so that we can click a button and see the contract that was used to adjudicate a claim."
      Vice President
      February 2024
      "The product is great, and so is the team that supports it. FinThrive Contract Manager is a highly accurate, user-friendly product. The capabilities of that system are some of the best I have ever seen out of a modeling system."
      Vice President
      February 2024

      Magnify your returns with Contract Manager’s value-added modules

      Contract Modeling accurately models contracts to forecast revenue so you can negotiate favorable contracts and manage payer relationships. This web-based technology solution empowers providers to warehouse and analyze data to accurately model various contract scenarios and forecast revenue.

      Contract Analyzer provides immediate insight into all contract and payer performance with customizable reports and analytics. Uncover deep insights about expected reimbursement, contract performance, productivity and yield. Our multi-level Contract Analyzer module enhances Contract Manager with a variety of user-friendly customizable reports and dashboards.

      Reserve Management accurately calculates accruals on all accounts for month-end processing. This web-based, total accrual application automates the accurate recognition of reserves at month’s end and identifies excess and lost revenue by reconciling a facility’s aged trial balance (ATB) with Contract Manager.

      Price Transparency Machine Readable File ensures complete compliance with CMS Price Transparency regulations by creating a compliant downloadable file containing all required rates, including gross charge, discounted cash price, payor negotiated rates, minimum negotiated charge and maximum negotiated charge.




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      Forecast revenue, negotiate favorable rates and drive accurate patient estimates

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