The Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM)

    RCMTAM offers healthcare providers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and enhance financial and technological performance through an evidence-based, five-stage maturity model.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      FinThrive Analyze

      Reimagined intelligence built to answer
      the most important revenue questions
      healthcare executives have today

      FinThrive Analyze

      Reimagined intelligence built to answer the most important revenue questions healthcare executives have today

      Transform your decision-making with complete visibility of your revenue stream

      Unlock value with data access and actionable insights. Break down data silos and information gaps for a comprehensive view across business processes and revenue management, removing the redundant tasks.

      Designed for data-driven decision-making 

      Ever wished for a way to know which lever to activate when managing your revenue and healthcare organization's operations? 

      FinThrive Analyze enables you to seamlessly monitor and manage:

      • Intake, practice and operational processes

      • Payers, contracts and reimbursements

      • Denials and underpayments

      • Revenue collection and reconciliation

      • Transactions between groups

      Unlock your organization's potential with FinThrive Analyze, empowering various departments to:

      • Evaluate financial performance

      • Improve cash flow

      • Manage and decrease adjustments

      • Monitor schedules and utilization across departments and locations


      Components of FinThrive Analyze 

      Insights Hub provides visibility into end-to-end revenue management, insights to improve what is working well, what will make a positive impact and the point of diminishing returns.

      Insights Hub delivers KPIs, charts, benchmarks, trends and graphs from multiple solutions. And using the power of AI/ML, Insights Hub gets intelligence to your teams faster.

      Insights Hub pulls together data from multiple data sources enabling greater context and clarity to answer the most important revenue questions healthcare executives have today. Some examples include Expected Cash in 30/60/90, Expected Payments vs Actual by Payer.

      AR Analyzer
      Provides complete account visibility and drill-down capability for quick identification of process failures, improving cash flow and enhancing Accounts Receivable.

      Denials Analyzer
      Offers visibility into denied 835s, allowing analysis at account, claim and line-item levels. Claim adjustment reason codes and remittance advice remark codes are mapped to specific denial reasons, aiding users in analyzing denials effectively.

      (Requires bundled AR Analyzer)

      Operations Workflow
      Integrates billing, payroll, operational and financial data for centralized insights. Identify opportunities and drive interventions to reduce average loss per physician.

      Contract Analyzer
      Provides insights into contracts and payer performance, revealing expected reimbursement, contract performance, underpayments and yield. Enhancing FinThrive’s Contract Manager, it aids in contract negotiation, supports underpaid account collection and boosts overall profitability.

      Contract Model Analyzer (BETA)
      Enables users before negotiations, allowing “what-if” scenarios. Compare contract models and terms, understanding the financial impacts for informed decision-making.

      Claims Analyzer
      Enhances clean claims, reduces unbilled dollars, shortens collection times and identifies areas needing attention. It augments FinThrive’s Claims Manager, boosting efficiency, increasing team productivity and expediting reimbursements.

      Data Hub is a powerful electronic data warehouse built for revenue cycle management. Providing on-demand access to consolidated, transformed revenue data.

      By consolidating data into a single repository, eliminating silos and providing a unified view of processes throughout the revenue journey, Data Hub not only saves time but also enhances efficiency.

      Leverage consolidated and transformed data to query without limits on size or location, slice and dice information, merge with non-FinThrive Analyze data such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) bundles, and export seamlessly for use with other data warehouses.

      Solid partnerships. Solid results. 


      Improved collections by 9.7%, representing $17M NPSR in 12 months by identifying root cause and interventions


      Reduced pre-AR/DNFB from $14M to $5.5M by providing visibility to pivot coding processes on a weekly basis

      15 - 20%

      Achieved a 15-20% cost reduction in the processes of gathering data, creating reports and assessing impacts


      Streamlined reporting processes with a 90% decrease in manual efforts

      “FinThrive Analyze really hones in on where opportunities are by looking at variances. The variances translate to a profile that may be wrong or an opportunity to work with payers on certain issues. Mainly the variances are pinpointing where errors are in the build. The product does have a feature that uses payer-by-dollar differences, and that really helps us pinpoint where the issues are. The system will also tell us about patterns it notices that vary. That is one way we figured out how one of our payers was pricing treatment for COVID-19 wrong because everything was the same price and we wondered what was consistently wrong. FinThrive can figure out mistakes and fix them. If customers have other FinThrive products, they might as well have FinThrive Analyze.”
      February 2024
      “When it comes to the product driving tangible outcomes, we’re recovering money. FinThrive Analyze is a good product. I like it. It’s very simple. I helped with the build, and I’ve worked in other systems. FinThrive Analyze is super user friendly, and it’s easy to drill down to find very minuscule issues and big issues. FinThrive stands by what they say they’ll do.”
      December 2023
      “I really like the ease of creating reports on the fly; that’s the best quality of FinThrive Analyze. The way the user interface is designed is very intuitive. And it’s very easy to train people who don't have a strong knowledge of reporting and analytics. Another cool feature is that the solution uses real-time data. There is no lag, delay, or anything.”
      December 2023
      “Both the process of the workflow reviews and the discussions that we had to ensure that the systems were being built to accommodate our current workflow practices and enhance our workflow outcomes were great. The training support that the vendor provided for our staff members was really helpful. The vendor came on-site, provided the materials, and took a train-the-trainer approach; that approach really helped in breaking apart the revenue cycle staff to train them. The vendor was there for continued support, refresher training, and anything else we needed. We also had FinThrive’s client success team members join to help with training on FinThrive Analyze.”
      October 2023
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      From educational resources to expert advice

      Discover webinars, blogs, guides and more to fuel a better patient experience!

      Unlock knowledge with the FinThrive Resource Center

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