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    Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
    Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.


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      Advance Health Equity Through Data
      Learn actionable strategies to turn robust data into powerful patient and member experiences.


      Advancing the healthcare economy
      for providers, payers and patients

      Access Our Health Equity Guide


      Advance the healthcare economy
      for providers, payers and patients

      Access Our Health Equity Guide

      Our solutions drive transformation 

      We’re taking the complexity out of healthcare finance. We envision an industry in which payers and providers work together to reduce administrative burden and provide even better patient experiences. By drawing on the power of data and human-centered design, our solutions are driving this transformation—and rethinking revenue management so it works better for all.


      FinThrive Analyze

      Gives healthcare organizations a 360-degree view of revenue streams and actionable insights


      FinThrive Automate

      Automate labor intensive processes with intelligent automation that’s scalable and rooted in best practice


      FinThrive Knowledge Source

      Add the right information into billing and coding workflows with our contextually aware reference library

      Learn More


      FinThrive Learn

      Support your teams as they take on new responsibilities with professional education content embedded into their workflow

      Learn More


      FinThrive SDOH Insights

      Speed up health equity initiatives with the richest SDOH data set on the market, supporting population and individual risk assessments

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      Transformative Value


      Reduction in cost to assemble data, generate reports, and analyze impacts


      Reduction in manual reporting processes


      Intelligent automations generate ROI as high as 875% for an individual bot


      Contextually aware billing and coding reference tools in use by over 300,000 customers


      An integrated SDOH dataset aggregating information from 10,000 data sources

      Why FinThrive?

      FinThrive delivers end-to-end revenue management solutions that power data-driven decision-making and productivity gains, reduce denials, optimize billing and boost staff competency. FinThrive Transform Solutions build competencies and improve the speed and quality of revenue cycle processes and decision-making.

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