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      James Bush

      Solution Strategy Manager

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      Health Equity

      Patient Access

      Patients as Payers

      Social Determinants of Health

      Dr. James Bush, a seasoned professional with over 18 years of expertise in the healthcare sector, boasts an impressive portfolio of accomplishments.

      Currently serving as a Solutions Strategist manager and Professor of Business & Healthcare Administration, Bush is renowned for his insightful contributions to the field.


      A dedicated member of prestigious organizations, Bush holds memberships in NAHSE (National Association of Health Services Executives) Atlanta Chapter, NHA (National Healthcare Association), and HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) Atlanta Chapter. His active involvement in these associations showcases his commitment to advancing the healthcare industry.


      Bush’s passion for enhancing productivity and well-being in the workplace is evident in his published work. He authored an enlightening piece titled "Using Happiness to Drive Productivity," featured in the Virginia AAHAM publication of The American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management. Drawing from his rich background, James has been instrumental in collaborating with healthcare organizations nationwide. His role as a Solutions Strategist and Principal Technical Trainer has focused on Healthcare Information Technology and Hospital Revenue Management Tech solutions. Prior to his esteemed career in healthcare, Bush proudly served as an Army Drill Instructor and U.S Army Medic. His military service included a significant contribution to Operation Iraq Freedom, where he served as a Combat Medic with the 10th Combat Support Hospital and 30th Medical Brigade.


      In addition to his professional achievements, Bush is an active advocate for accessible healthcare services. He serves on the Board of Directors for Someone Cares, an organization dedicated to eliminating barriers to health services for individuals facing disparities related to sexual health. Bush's academic journey is equally impressive, holding a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration and a PhD in Business Administration and Healthcare Administration, where he studied equity in Healthcare Executive roles. His diverse expertise, combined with his unwavering dedication to healthcare advancement, makes him a respected leader and influencer in the industry.


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