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      Advance Health Equity

      Use SDOH data insights to improve care

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      Advance Health Equity

      Use SDOH data insights to improve care

      Get Our Guide

      Health Equity Explained

      The places where we live, learn, work, and age, along with our socioeconomic status and race, all have a tremendous influence on our health.

      In fact, 80% of health outcomes can be attributed to social determinants of health (SDOH), such as poverty, housing stability, access to transportation and food insecurity.

      Our robust data assets help you better visualize health inequities and predict risk, allowing you to mitigate the drivers of underlying health inequities in the communities you serve—helping improve patient care and health outcomes.

      Reduce costs and improve quality of care

      Identifying and addressing SDOH reduces rising healthcare costs and improves quality of care. Our data can help you get there. We consolidate information from 10,000 data sources, delivering advanced analytics that quantify social risk and impact.

      As a result, healthcare stakeholders can better understand the barriers to healthcare in their community and target social interventions, leading to:

      • Lower costs for health systems
      • Enhanced prevention and treatment
      • Decreased readmission rates
      • Enhanced patient experience
      • Better health and wellness among populations with the greatness need
      • Elimination of barriers to care

      Data delivery

      Batch processing

      Batch solutions easily handle high volumes of data, saving you time and money.

      API integration

      Industry-leading availability for your convenience; instant access to a complete individual or community profile.

      Risk intelligence

      We use data and technology to make it easier to quantify SDOH risk.



      Healthcare Rethink a FinThrive Podcast

      Addressing SDOH Challenges and More

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