The Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM)

    RCMTAM offers healthcare providers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and enhance financial and technological performance through an evidence-based, five-stage maturity model.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      Claims Manager

      Streamline your billing accuracy for faster reimbursement


      Claims Manager

      Streamline your billing accuracy for faster reimbursement


      6-Minute-Webinar: Rapid deployment plans for Claims Processing and Insurance Verification

      Affected by an outage? Learn about our flexible, accelerated deployment options with waived implementation fees.

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      Empower your billing team to focus on key initiatives and efficiency instead of reworking rejected claims

      Claims Manager reduces the time your team spends on rejected claims, freeing them to work on what really matters. Experience faster reimbursement through improved billing accuracy, resulting in a significant reduction of unnecessary follow-up. Our content-rich, integrated billing solution maximizes first-pass payment rates, helps prevent denials and integrates with your EHR.

      Claims Management Buyer’s Guide

      Discover 12 key questions to ask to properly evaluate claims management technology partners.



      Claims Manager

      A comprehensive solution for clearinghouse and claims management, sends more than 175 million claims encounters and more than 1 billion EDI transactions

      Maximizes EHR value with embedded claims processing and management workflows

      Increases staff efficiency and reduces manual processes with automation

      Helps reduce denials and eliminate up to 90% of unnecessary claims follow-up

      Proprietary edit and scrubbing features boast a rich library of 28,000+ claims edits, updated twice weekly

      Supported by exceptional onboarding and customer support teams to ensure value is amplified


      Increase productivity, improve compliance and achieve a stronger ROI with add-on modules


      Claims Status retrieves and captures detailed claim status data prior to final claim adjudication, enabling users to focus on outstanding claims, correct issues faster and accelerate revenue.


      Claims Management Reporting allows users to access claims, explanation of benefits and denial information through ad-hoc queries. Your staff can define the queries as reports and distribute them as specified.


      Eligibility Management allows a secondary check for patient eligibility before submission to the payer. You can build edits to stop claims that do not provide the correct eligibility or where eligibility for the payer doesn’t exist.


      Medicare Direct Claims  provides real-time claim submission for Medicare claims within Medicare’s Direct Data Entry (DDE) system to manage Medicare receivables.

      "Overall, the product has been running very well. It is in our long-term plans, partly because it is integrated with our EMR. I like that the system's claim edits tools are built into our EMR. That means that I don't have a revenue cycle system doing one set of edits and a claims manager doing a different set of edits. That integration makes things a lot easier for our team, and the system has worked very well for us."
      July 2023
      "The reason why we use FinThrive Claims Manager is that the vendor partnered with our EMR vendor, so the FinThrive product's logic is embedded into our EMR, and I like that. When claims get generated, we see them ahead of time and can fix things within our system."
      February 2023
      "Because of FinThrive Claims Manager, we can complete more edits than we would with our host system alone. We continue to rely on FinThrive for key payer updates and to keep our claims clean."
      Director of Patient Financial Services
      University of Washington Medical Center

      Solid partnerships. Solid results.

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      University of Washington Medical Center denial rate dropped more than 50%


      Claims rejection rate, dropped from 12% to 1.44%


      Clean claim rate, improved from 84% to 92%



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