The Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model (RCMTAM)

    RCMTAM offers healthcare providers a comprehensive tool to evaluate and enhance financial and technological performance through an evidence-based, five-stage maturity model.

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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
      Plot a course toward forward-thinking innovation that improves efficiency, the patient experience and your bottom line.

      FinThrive Insurance Discover 

      The key to unlocking more revenue
      potential and financial efficiency

      FinThrive Insurance Discover 

      The key to unlocking more revenue potential and financial efficiency


      Awarded Best in KLAS Insurance Discovery
      2024 & 2023

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      Are you capturing every dollar?

      Working with an external insurance discovery partner can help you identify additional payment opportunities—up to 7%—which were initially missed. This hardest-to-find coverage can translate into millions of dollars annually.

      To determine which insurance discovery solution will best meet your unique needs, it’s important to properly evaluate potential vendors and their capabilities. Our Buyer’s Guide will help you ask the right questions to put you on the path to finding those hidden treasures and maximizing yield.

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      Supercharge Your Insurance Coverage Discovery with Active Insurance Discover

      Are you looking for an efficient, end-to-end solution to simplify your insurance discovery process?

      FinThrive’s Active Insurance Discover solution is an end-to-end service that ensures continuous insurance discovery from the moment a patient enters your facility until timely filing

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      FinThrive Insurance Discover™

      • Leverages hundreds of query permutations through patented data-matching technology

      • Scales to find maximum coverage from self-pay accounts, Medicaid secondary, and coordination of benefits on Medicaid primary population


      FinThrive Revenue Recovery Solutions


      We discovered $900K in reimbursements for one client from coverage not found when running behind two other vendors


      Our HITRUST CSF-certified and KLAS-reviewed solutions are used by more than 3,245 customers


      We helped one customer improve its average monthly reimbursement by nearly $50,000

      Our Insurance Discover Team

      • Works within your existing framework

      • Acts as a partner to understand your business goals

      • Delivers consultative service and industry expertise and guides you through integration and implementation

      • Provides easy-to-interpret results and prioritized worklists to maximize reimbursements

      • Produces custom reporting to pinpoint areas for continuous improvement

      “We've also seen a great uptick in terms of found insurances with the new Insurance Discovery product.”
      Joe Bedwell
      Director of Revenue Cycle, DCH Health System, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
      “FinThrive’s algorithm for finding coverage is probably the best I have seen. I’m not sure exactly what algorithm they use. I know other vendors tend to miss things that FinThrive can capture. They seem to cast a broader net.”
      January 2024
      “FinThrive works well, and they have helped us integrate the system within our EHR. The system works very efficiently for us.”
      Vice President
      October 2023
      "FinThrive does a good job of finding coverage for us. They have been consistent in their ability to find missed insurance so that we can ultimately bill insurance companies and get paid."
      Vice President
      August 2023
      "FinThrive keeps their promises, and their scheduled reviews with us really demonstrate that fact. The vendor even provides us with recommendations on what we may be missing and tells us where we can actually enhance our timing around getting things over to the vendor. They tell us about best practices we can do from a front-end standpoint. I really appreciate that."
      October 2023
      "My experience with FinThrive has been always very positive. I love our quarterly business reviews. The reporting is solid, effective, and very user friendly. Any upgrades seem to go exceptionally smooth."
      July 2022

      Our Insurance Discover solution was recognized by KLAS® as a Revenue Cycle Unicorn with the potential to disrupt the market and was awarded 2024 & 2023 Best in KLAS for Insurance Discovery. We’re HITRUST® CSF Certified with a 99.99% uptime for insurance eligibility. And, as the only HFMA-peer-reviewed insurance discovery solution, we can confidently say that.

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      of surveyed customers believe we avoid charging for every little thing


      of surveyed customers agree that we keep all promises


      of surveyed customers chose Insurance Discover as part of long-term plans


      of surveyed customers would buy Insurance Discover again



      From educational resources to expert advice

      Discover infographics, blogs, case studies and more to fuel your insurance coverage discovery!

      Unlock knowledge with the FinThrive Resource Center

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