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      Revenue Integrity

      Accurate charging yields
      accurate reimbursements

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      Revenue Integrity

      Accurate charging yields
      accurate reimbursements

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      A single source of truth

      Providers like you need a single source of truth: one that generates correct charges and defensible pricing, and then audits anything missed or noncompliant throughout your health system.

      Our revenue integrity solutions offer a cloud-based platform that provides benchmark pricing for 400,000+ line items. Our technology analyzes 100% of your CDM for compliance changes and makes strategic recommendations for updates. We help your revenue integrity teams work faster with industry-leading charge capture and chargemaster technology.

      Work smarter with intelligent coding and billing reference materials, and educational content contextually embedded directly into workflow.

      Our Solutions Improve

      Pricing management and defensibility
      Charge consistency and compliance
      Decision-making through improved data visibility
      Automation of redundant manual processes
      The number of variances, thanks to an intuitive user interface
      Workflow due to integration with patient accounting systems
      We now have one chargemaster maintaining the same price for all campuses in one file
      Corporate Director
      Revenue Integrity

      $10 million

      We helped one customer identify $10M in missing charges and overcharges in five years.

      Increase net revenue and identify millions in missed charges

      Our revenue integrity solutions capture every charge and catch every error. Our technology conducts a 100% review of all patient-itemized bills to identify missing charges, overcharges and coding errors. We leverage 12,000+ rules derived from clinical practices to increase net revenue and identify millions of dollars in missed charges.

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