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      Jonathan Wiik

      Vice President, Health Insights
      From Transporter to Thought Leader

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      Denial management

      Legislation updates

      Patient access

      Patients as payers/consumerism

      Payer-provider collaboration

      Price transparency

      Revenue integrity

      Social determinants of health

      Staffing shortages/retention

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      HFMA 15 Chapters including, Region 10, Region 11, Region 1, Region 5




      Pennsylvania AHIMA


      ZOLL Summit

      Jonathan Wiik has over 25 years of healthcare experience in acute care, health IT and insurance settings.

      He started his career as a hospital transporter and served in clinical operations, patient access, billing, case management and many other roles at a large not-for-profit acute care hospital and prominent commercial payer before serving as Chief Revenue Officer.

      In his current role as Vice President of Health Insights at FinThrive, he is responsible for leading healthcare data insights and research. Wiik works closely with the market and hospitals on industry best practices for revenue management. He is considered an expert in the industry for healthcare finance, legislation, revenue management and strategic transformation.

      Wiik is an active advocate of legislative changes that evolve the healthcare industry. He’s the author of Healthcare Revolution: The Patient Is the New Payer, and Revenue Evolution: Helping Providers Get Paid in An Era of Uncertainty, which was released in early 2020. He frequently speaks as a thought leader at state and national events.

      Wiik is the past President of Colorado HFMA, and previously served as a board member for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and Colorado Association of Healthcare Executives (CAHE). He holds a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and holds two master’s degrees in healthcare administration and business.

      He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family in Colorado with his wife and two very energetic red–headed boys. He’s also a certified whitewater rafting guide instructor and an avid traveler, and has had a six month stay in Antarctica and a visit to the South Pole.

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      Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model Guides RCM Digital Transformation

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      3 Ways Regional Health Systems Can Improve Community Health

      If we were designing the healthcare system from scratch, Brook Ward says most of us would...

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      Rethinking Revenue Cycle Management: The Case for a Unified Platform Approach

      Healthcare CFOs have not had an easy year. The cost of care continues to climb while...

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      Healthcare Revenue Management Insights: January 2023

      New year, new data! While the numbers from the end of 2022 continue to show the same...

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      FinThrive Monthly Insights: December 2022

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      2022 has been one of the worst financial years for hospitals and most US hospitals...

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      Healthcare Revolution: The Patient is the New Payer

      Into this cauldron of change and challenge comes Healthcare Revolution: The Patient Is the New Payer, which outlines how we've reached this low point, the current state of affairs, and the hopeful prognosis for the future.

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      Healthcare Evolution: Helping Providers Get Paid in an Era of Uncertainty

      As expenditures keep rising, all stakeholders-patient, provider, payer and employer-are trying to find new ways to provide access to affordable, effective healthcare in our country. Despite the chaos that exists in the market, Healthcare Evolution: Helping Providers Get Paid in an Era of Uncertainty offers effective strategies to help healthcare providers protect their earned revenue and empower frictionless, positive patient experiences.

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      Hospitals Need a Battle plan for End of Medicaid's Continuous Coverage

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      Payers Harnessing Data to Get Rready for Transparency in Coverage Requirements

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      Surviving the Labor Crisis: A New Approach to Strategic Revenue Management

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      Protect Revenue Across the Claim Lifecycle: 10 Steps to Enhancing Profitability

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      The Price of Broken Healthcare

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      HFMA Annual 2022 Brings Connection & Inspiration to Attendees

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      Rethinking Revenue Cycle Management: The Case for a Unified Platform Approach

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      Market Outlook, Payer Collaboration and RCM Excellence

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      Opportunities in Community Health with Brook Ward

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      What's ahead of 2023 with Jonathan Wiik

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      Becker's Health IT and Revenue Cycle Conference 2022

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      Healthcare Labor Report

      The labor shortage in healthcare has radically impacted the industry. 20-30% of the healthcare workforce has left since 2020, and a recent McKinsey survey indicates 40% of the workforce is “somewhat likely” to leave their current healthcare job in the next three to six months. These disruptions are costing the industry billions.

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      Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model Guides RCM Digital Transformation

      Health system leaders are evaluating RCM digital transformation initiatives to accelerate cash and secure the financial health of their organizations. In this challenging time, the industry needs to establish best practice guidance on where to focus technology modernization efforts a framework is required. This webinar unpacks research derived from 100+ survey responses and 20+ peer review feedback sessions with revenue cycle leaders aimed at developing just such a framework.

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      PMHA’s Application of a Revenue Cycle Management Technology Adoption Model to Achieve Success

      Revenue cycle management is transitioning from a cost center to a revenue center as organizations tap into lost payments from patients and payers. Successful health systems are assessing their current technology that complements the EHR in their financial recovery functions. Hear from RCM leaders — including Nicole Clawson from Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance — as they discuss the RCM technology positioned to deliver positive returns for many years.

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      Denials with a Capital “D” – Break the Cycle of Inefficiency

      Break the cycle of inefficiency in RCM.  This webinar provides an overview of the market headwinds impacting financial operations.  With these headwinds, it is important to have a solid revenue management strategy to maximize efficiency in payment from patient and payer.

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      Healthcare Revolution – The Patient is the New Payer

      Healthcare financing and delivery have changed significantly due to shifts in coverage, technology, payment patterns and U.S. healthcare policy. As costs rise, stakeholders are drifting out of alignment. More costs are being shifted to patients, disrupting providers’ usual approaches to revenue management. Hidden in this disruption is an opportunity and a call to action.

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      Healthcare 2023 and Beyond: A Financial Outlook for Revenue Leaders

      The healthcare industry is facing significant challenges — including declines in margins, decreasing patient volumes and strained payer relations. As the labor crisis exacerbates operational issues and inflation drives up the cost of supplies, hospitals must find new ways to manage revenue and focus on what matters most: the patient.

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      Jonathan is a highly gifted individual in the healthcare space…and he has a unique understanding of the healthcare business and revenue cycle management. Jonathan’s prose is a please to both listen and read. I highly recommend this book.
      Scott Becker, JD, CPA
      Publisher, Becker’s Healthcare; Partner, McGuireWoods, LLP
      We are grappling with how to best maximize revenue…for our share of the cost for healthcare services. Jonathan’s insight on patient and payer behavior is invaluable – his thought leadership certainly will help us through these challenging issues.
      Jason Petrasich
      Senior Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, Meduit
      Jonathan’s smart, sincere, methodical approach…models the strategies he advocates. His wisdom has guided me and continues to shape my approach to many aspects of healthcare.
      Kelly Clasen
      Senior Director, Business Operations, Middle Park Medical Center

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