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    Four Simple Steps to Uncover Hidden Revenue 
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      Your Guide to an Autonomous Revenue Cycle
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        Advance Health Equity Through Data
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        nThrive Arms Hospitals with New Chargemaster Solution to Help Defend Pricing, Reduce Denials

        Company launches intuitive Charge Description Master solution that combines game-changing user experience with better decision-making capabilities to ensure accurate, complete and compliant charging.

        nThrive (now FinThrive), a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare revenue management solutions, launches state-of-the-art, cloud-based charge description master (CDM) solution, CDM Management. The web-based platform covers hospital and professional charge items for the entire chargemaster to help drive system-wide standardization to support optimal charge and pricing integrity.

        The new CDM tool, built from the ground up, supports dynamic data models within today’s top electronic health record (EHR) systems. Designed to provide an intuitive user experience and simplify data consumption, the native data views allow for easy and quick adoption. Coupled with improved data visibility of charge code to location-specific coding, fee schedules, shell code linkages, cost center association, and revenue and usage, CDM Management will help to ensure accurate, complete and compliant charging. ​

        With over 30 years of healthcare revenue management experience, nThrive delivers a superior solution that:

        • Surfaces chargemaster related coding, compliance, and pricing issues quickly and with faster search results 
        • Provides an intuitive user experience with seamless bi-directional integration to eliminate dual system maintenance 
        • Delivers consistent performance by scaling computing power when needed

        The Director of Revenue Integrity at an early adopter hospital had this to say about CDM Management, “As we trained our staff on the new solution, they were simply amazed at the improvements and how easy it is to use. It’s remarkably more intuitive, complete and integrates well with our EHR.”

        “Your chargemaster is the heartbeat of your organization’s revenue cycle and performs at its best when it is consistently maintained, complete, accurate, compliant and driven by innovative, cloud-based technology,” said Mark Janiszewski, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at nThrive. “Our CDM Management tool is helping bring life back to Chargemasters.”

        About FinThrive 

        FinThrive – formerly nThrive and acquired companies, TransUnion Healthcare and PELITAS – is advancing the healthcare economy. Our 1,600-plus colleagues rethink revenue management to pave the way for a healthcare system that ensures every transaction and patient experience is addressed holistically. We’re making breakthroughs in technology—developing award-winning revenue management solutions that adapt with healthcare professionals, freeing providers and payers from complexity and inefficiency, so they can focus on doing their best work. Our end-to-end revenue management platform delivers a smarter, smoother revenue experience that increases revenue, reduces costs, expands cash collections, and ensures regulatory compliance across the entire revenue cycle continuum. We’ve delivered over $7.6 billion in net revenue and cash to more than 3,245 customers worldwide. When healthcare finance becomes effortless, the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare expand.  

        For more information on our new vision for healthcare revenue management, visit FinThrive.com

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