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      Discover the Power of Friendship, Inclusivity and Innovation on National Certification Nation Day

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      Every year, Great Place to Work’s National Certification Nation Day shines a spotlight on organizations that have gone above and beyond to create a positive and fulfilling workplace for their colleagues. On this day we recognize and celebrate the outstanding efforts our colleagues at FinThrive have made that have earned us the prestigious "Great Place to Work" designation.

      In a previous blog, we highlighted how FinThrive’s caring culture, guided by our core values – customer-centric, agile, reliable and engaged – led us to be recognized for the first time on the Best Workplaces in Healthcare list at #26 by Fortune Media and Great Place to Work in 2022. FinThrive has since made this list for the second year, moving up to #21, and this time we want to highlight what is behind that caring culture – the colleagues. FinThrive colleagues are what make the company more than just a workplace but a thriving community where friendships flourish, inclusivity reigns, global collaboration sparks innovation, our communities are cared for and a common goal unites us.

      Friendships Flourish


      Our colleagues value the importance of fostering strong, meaningful friendships among team members, some of which just might last a lifetime. The friendship between FinThrive’s Tara O’Neill, senior director, creative and brand experience and Tina Meyr, senior graphic designer, is well on its way. Collectively they have been with the organization for almost 50 years, sparking their friendship back in the early 2000s when they began working together on the Creative team following an acquisition.

      Eight different companies and only a handful of in-person meetings later, their friendship and teamwork have stood the test of time, even when half of that time was before cloud sharing or video meetings. Tara shared, “It is really neat to witness colleagues, who have now become friends, change over the years as they get married, start families and their kids grow up. Working at this company is the constant in our lives.”

      Global Collaboration Sparks Innovation

      certification-nation-pic2-390x190In our interconnected world, success often hinges on the ability to collaborate on a global scale. Our company takes pride in promoting a culture of global collaboration. We encourage our teams to work together, regardless of geographic boundaries. This approach not only leverages the diversity of our international workforce, located in the U.S., India and even some colleagues in Canada; but also accelerates our growth and innovation. FinThrive colleagues learn from various cultures and apply these insights to both their professional and personal lives.

      “Many India-based workers at other U.S.-based organizations feel like they are working out of a satellite office, but not at FinThrive.” shared Aditya Narayan Acharya, assistant manager, learning and development. “We operate as one team with one goal.” Vishal Tayal, senior manager, business operations, added, “Where else do you get this sort of connection where everyone is brought together under one common goal – make the business side of healthcare a frictionless experience for providers, payers and patients – no matter where you are.”

      Inclusivity Reigns

      certification-nation-pic3-390x290Inclusivity is not just a buzzword for FinThrive; it's a cornerstone of the company culture. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every colleague feels valued and respected. This diversity sparks creativity and innovation, as we believe that different perspectives lead to better solutions. It also fosters an atmosphere of trust, where every voice is heard, and every opinion matters. FinThrive’s Sonia Tranter, senior director of human resources, considers the accessibility of the onsite office and the remote flexibility, game changers in enabling her to be successful in her role, despite her neurological condition.

      “Since day one at FinThrive, all the little hills that I normally face daily were gone, giving me the freedom and independence to carry out my day at work without issue. It isn’t just these policies though; the people really exemplify what a caring culture is. We all have our own little hills, and for some mountains, to climb but at FinThrive we can share our experiences with one another and know that we have the support here to climb and conquer whatever is in front of us.”

      Our Communities Are Cared For

      certification-nation-pic4-390x190FinThrive’s caring culture goes beyond the “walls” of the business. We are dedicated to making a positive impact both inside and outside our organization by supporting our colleagues' passion for community service through our Heart & Soul program. This initiative provides colleagues with the opportunity to volunteer with approved 501(c)(3) charity organizations, and we proudly offer five days of paid time off each year to colleagues who participate in this program. Although many colleagues, like Michelle Chesnut, vice president, support and data services, max out the hours that they volunteer, some would argue that they receive much more in return.

      “It touches my heart to have the opportunity to step away from work and give back to my local community. When we are organized and working together as a team, we produce an outcome that is impactful. At the end of the day, when we look at what we’ve accomplished; whether it be food boxes packed, clothes sorted, cards made, or people and animals cared for; it warms my heart to know that we made a difference right in our community and had fun while doing it.”

      Common Goal

      We’re a team of over 1,500 adaptable and forward-thinking individuals from diverse backgrounds, all committed to shaking up the healthcare revenue game. FinThrive CEO, Hemant Goel said it best, "We do software innovation, but that’s not what differentiates us. It’s how we conduct ourselves, what values we embody, that will drive how we go forward."

      On this National Certification Nation Day, we celebrate our colleagues and congratulate all of the other organizations who have also created positive colleague experiences and earned the "Great Place to Work" designation.

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