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      6 min read

      Navigating Year-End Updates: Adapting to Evolving Healthcare Machine-Readable File Regulations

      The recent proposal introduced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on July 31, 2023, outlined significant changes to the Price Transparency initiative, specifically focusing on the machine-readable file (MRF).

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      6 min read

      Preventing Claim Denials: 6 Top Reasons Claims Are Denied and How to Avoid Them

      Claim denials can be a frustrating and costly experience for both healthcare providers and patients—in 2022, the costs of claim denials rose 67%. To prevent claim denials and ensure a smooth, efficient revenue cycle management process, it’s important to...

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      4 min read

      The Growing Challenges of Hospital Denial Management

      Several recent trends in the healthcare market have worsened the urgent issue of hospital denial management. Hospitals are grappling with the collection of their rightful payments, and each of these new developments poses an added threat. Let's explore...

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