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      Patient Access

      6 min read

      2023 Trends Report: How Healthcare RCM Leaders Embrace Change

      By Jeff Becker, Vice President, Portfolio Solutions, FinThrive


      Earlier this year, FinThrive partnered with AlphaSights to conduct a comprehensive body of research among RCM leaders. This initiative was designed to gather the latest trends...

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      8 min read

      3 Ways Providers Can Navigate the End of the Public Health Emergency

      On May 11, 2023, the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) will expire, and along with the Consolidated Omnibus Act, will impact coverage for millions of Americans on Medicaid. This is arguably the biggest thing to happen to Medicaid since the passing of...

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      12 min read

      End-To-End RCM: A Vision for the Future with a Strategy that Starts Now

      From top analysts to hospital board rooms, healthcare leaders have emphasized a consistent theme for 2023: an end-to-end approach to revenue cycle management (RCM). End-to-end capabilities featured prominently in the Everest Group’s recent Revenue Cycle...

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      7 min read

      The No-Risk Strategy for Elevating Patient Experience

      Let’s be honest: navigating healthcare is a difficult and stressful experience for consumers. At a time when almost everything in our lives has gone digital – booking flights, making dinner reservations, getting a ride, ordering groceries, you name it –...

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      8 min read

      Outsmart the Labor Shortage with People-First Technology

      While the “Great Resignation” of the post-COVID era has strained virtually every industry, healthcare sits on top of the list. Providers have lost 20-30% of their workforce since 2020, and the projections to return to normal range estimate several years...

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      6 min read

      Empowering Providers, Payers and Patients: Financial Excellence for All

      At Becker’s 7th Annual HIT RCM Conference in Chicago, FinThrive’s Chief Innovation Officer John Yount was joined by Brad Tinnermon, VP of Revenue Cycle and Revenue Integrity at Banner Health, and Matt Leary, VP of Finance at Centura Health. Read on to...

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      4 min read

      The Path to Frictionless Patient Financial Experience: Three Reasons to Invest in Digital Check-in Technology

      A consumer-centric patient financial experience is critical. While other industries have mastered the art of customer engagement, hospitals and healthcare systems are largely behind in terms of meeting customers where they’re at. Per a NextGen survey,...

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