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      nThrive Launches End-to-End Revenue Management Platform at HIMSS 2022

      Designed by revenue professionals, for revenue professionals, leveraging deep end-to-end integration to create a 360-degree view of financial performance.

      nThrive, Inc. (now FinThrive), a healthcare revenue management platform provider, introduced its End-to-End Revenue Management Platform at booth 5676-14 at the HIMSS 2022 Annual Conference. The platform is underpinned by an intelligent foundation of pre-trained automations, predictive models, and contextually aware billing and coding reference materials which, together helps provider teams accelerate accurate financial recovery for their health systems.

      Healthcare providers are facing shrinking margins as operating costs continue to climb unchecked. In this environment, every dollar counts. nThrive’s Revenue Management Platform was built to help every revenue professional maximize their impact on their organization’s bottom line. By leveraging nThrive’s Revenue Management Platform, health systems can consolidate vendor management, realize flywheel effect value, and ensure that all appropriate revenue is charged and collected, from point of service to final payment.

      Within the new Revenue Management Platform, nThrive has created the following bundled solutions, designed collaboratively by product, implementation and services teams to address the most pressing challenges facing health system CFOs:

      • Clean Claims bundle: Delivers a clean claim rate unmatched in the industry by bringing everything providers need to improve claims outcomes – systems, automations, analytics and role-based education – into one integrated platform.
      • Net Revenue Optimization bundle: The industry’s first single-vendor platform designed to grow margins by improving charge capture accuracy and reducing revenue lost to underpayments, overpayments, improper discounts, and unfavorable contracts.
      • ​A/R Improvement bundle: The industry’s first single-vendor platform designed to accelerate reimbursement by increasing upfront patient point-of-service collections, improving first pass payment rates, and delivering better visibility into the valuation of A/R.
      • Regulatory Compliance bundle: Healthcare is experiencing a dramatic rise in consumerism, accelerated by recent price transparency regulations. To remain competitive and compliant in this evolving market, health systems are engaging patients before visits with good faith cost estimates and out-of-network coverage alerts. nThrive is supporting organizations through this transformation, resulting in increased POS collections and patient satisfaction scores while ensuring regulatory compliance.​

      “We are a driving force for change in the healthcare ecosystem,” said Hemant Goel, CEO of nThrive. “We believe that fundamentally rethinking revenue cycle management will bring a significant and positive impact to cash flow for healthcare providers, freeing up resources to reinvest in patient care. If we help improve the financial health of care providers, we all win.”

      About FinThrive

      FinThrive – formerly nThrive and acquired companies, TransUnion Healthcare and PELITAS – is advancing the healthcare economy. Our 1,600-plus colleagues rethink revenue management to pave the way for a healthcare system that ensures every transaction and patient experience is addressed holistically. We’re making breakthroughs in technology—developing award-winning revenue management solutions that adapt with healthcare professionals, freeing providers and payers from complexity and inefficiency, so they can focus on doing their best work. Our end-to-end revenue management platform delivers a smarter, smoother revenue experience that increases revenue, reduces costs, expands cash collections, and ensures regulatory compliance across the entire revenue cycle continuum. We’ve delivered over $7.6 billion in net revenue and cash to more than 3,245 customers worldwide. When healthcare finance becomes effortless, the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare expand. For more information on our new vision for healthcare revenue management, visit FinThrive.com

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