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      Health Equity

      HIMSS 2024 Dr. Craig Joseph

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 90

      This episode features Dr. Craig Joseph, the Chief Medical Officer at Nordic Global Consulting and a seasoned author, discussing his transition from pediatric practice to healthcare technology. Specifically, they explore...

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      HIMSS 2024 Dr. O. Buckley

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 89

      During the 2024 HIMSS Conference, an annual highlight for digital health innovators, Dr. Bryan O. Buckley, the Health Equity Director at NCQA, shared transformative insights on advancing health equity in digital...

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      Got a Healthcare IT Renovation Project? We have a DIY Book for you!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 88

      Welcome to Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive Podcast hosted by Brian Urban. This episode examines the nuts and bolts of healthcare IT renovation with guest Susan Snedaker, CIO at El Rio Health and author of “Renovating...

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      HIMSS 2024 Dr Jacqueline Naeem

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 87

      In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, host Brian Urban explores these critical questions with Dr. Naeem. Recorded live at the HIMSS conference, this discussion delves into the intersection of technology and patient care...

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      Health Equity is Earned, and Learned!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 86

      On the Healthcare Rethink podcast, host Brian Urban welcomes Bonzo Reddick, MD, MPH, FAAFP, a prominent Public Health Leader and Author of “Health Equity, A Guide for Clinicians, Medical Educators & Healthcare...

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      Health Equity is Science with a Moral Compass!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 85

      Why is it vital to integrate a moral compass into scientific endeavors within healthcare? This question is central to today’s podcast discussion on Healthcare Rethink, hosted by Brian Urban. The guest, Dr. Andrea Willis,...

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      Synapses that Fire Together, Wire Together: How a Daily Text Helps Our Brains

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 84

      Hosted by Brian Urban, this episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast features Johnny Crowder, CEO and Founder of Cope Notes, a text-based platform aimed at disrupting traditional mental healthcare methods. The discussion...

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      It’s About Time Healthcare Had a Geek Squad

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 83

      On today's episode of Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive podcast, the spotlight shines on Best Buy Health’s methodical fusion of technology into healthcare. Host Brian Urban engages with Ben Zaniello, MD MPH, the Chief...

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      Rhythms of Change: A Mixtape for Health Equity

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 82

      Dr. Nazlim Hagmann, the Chief Medical Officer at Commonwealth Care Alliance, and Lindsay Jubelt, the Chief Population Health Officer at Mass General Brigham, Join Healthcare Rethink host Brian Urban for an insider’s look...

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      Healthcare Needs a GUT Check...Literally!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 81

      "What if the future of GI care is already here?" This question beckons an exploration into gut health in the latest episode of Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive Podcast. Host Brian Urban brings two visionaries into the...

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      Hey is 9am...Wake up healthy with 9am Health!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 80

      Healthcare Rethink host Brian Urban explores ways to wake up healthy and stay healthy with his guest, Dr. Avantika Waring, MD, the Chief Medical Officer, at 9amHealth. This episode delves into the transformative approach...

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      Great Tech, with Good Heart… Uber Health & DUOS Bring the Love

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 79

      The latest episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast explores the intersection of technology and compassionate care. Host Brian Urban welcomes Caitlin Donovan, the Global Head of Uber Health, and Karl Ulfers, the...

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      How Do you Tailor Healthcare Affordability?

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 78

      Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive podcast, addresses the pressing issue of healthcare affordability. Host Brian Urban engages with Srulik Dvorsky, Co-Founder & CEO of TailorMed, in a discussion that unpacks the...

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      Everyone’s Health Needs a Great Sidekick…Sidekick Health is Here!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 77

      In this episode of “Healthcare Rethink,” host Brian Urban welcomes Dr. Tryggvi Thorgeirsson, MD, MPH, the CEO of Sidekick Health. They explore Sidekick Health's mission to transition healthcare from a reactive to a...

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      Population Health is Becoming Precision Community Health

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 76

      This critical inquiry forms the backbone of the latest episode of Healthcare Rethink, A FinThrive Podcast. Host Brian Urban welcomes Jayme Ambrose, CEO of Adobe Population Health, to explore how her organization is leading...

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      Meanwhile Back at the Lab…The Modern Digital Laboratory That Is!

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 75

      Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive Podcast hosted by Brian Urban, explores this question with guest David West, CEO of Proscia. This episode explores the transformative impact of digital pathology on healthcare, highlighting...

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      Trailblazing the Next Generation of Healthcare Analytics

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 74

      What does the future of healthcare analytics look like, and how is PurpleLab shaping this landscape? This pivotal question sets the stage for a riveting discussion on the latest episode of Healthcare Rethink, where host...

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      Live from HIMSS with Alex Wendling

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 20

      Joining Jonathan Wiik live at the FinThrive booth at HIMSS 2023 was Alex Wendling, Flow Core Specialist at the University of Virginia. In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, Wiik and Wendling discuss the intersections of...

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      How myPlace Health is Changing Healthcare

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 17

      From myPlace Health, Rhiannon Iorio Perry and Dr. Rob Schreiber join the podcast to share their stories and efforts to expand health at home for seniors across the United States. myPlace believes building a new care...

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