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      Living the Mission in Health and Business to Achieve Health Equity

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 27

      As health disparities come under the spotlight, the urgency to achieve health equity in the healthcare sector intensifies. With the industry at a crossroads, a recent study funded by the NIH highlighted the staggering...

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      The Voice of the Patient… Heard Through the Megaphone of Data

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 26

      In this episode of the Healthcare Rethink podcast, host Brian Urban sits down with Dr. Mitesh Rao, CEO of OMNY Health.

      Urban and Rao discuss:

      1. Dr. Rao’s unique journey to the CEO position at OMNY Health and his vision for...
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      The Evolution of IT and Healthcare... Where Do We Go from Here?

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 25

      In this enlightening episode of the Rethink Healthcare podcast, host Brian Urban engages in a dynamic conversation with Dr. Steven Lane, the distinguished Chief Medical Officer of Health Gorilla. This episode delves into...

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      Understanding Generation 2.0 Health Equity with Scan Health Plan

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 24

      Join industry leaders from Scan Health Plan, Dr. Romilla Batra, Chief Medical Officer, and Sharon Jhawar, Chief Pharmacy Officer, as they discuss how they are making health equity a strategic priority in their organization...

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      How Soda Health Uses Technology to Eliminate Health Inequity

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 23

      In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, host Brian Urban sits down with Sarah Rumfelt from Soda Health to delve into an exciting topic: addressing social determinants of health to revolutionize the healthcare landscape.

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      What AI can do for Mental Health with Michiel Rauws

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 22

      While there is no shortage of mental health services in the United States, there is not a well-coordinated system in place to connect people in need with these essential services. This is what Michiel Rauws, CEO and...

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      How AI and Automation are Transforming Healthcare

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 21

      Terms like Artificial Intelligence and automation tend to cause two reactions: trepidation or excitement. So, how is AI transforming the future of healthcare? On this episode, Sahar Arshad from CloudMedx joins the podcast...

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      Live from HIMSS with Alex Wendling

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 20

      Joining Jonathan Wiik live at the FinThrive booth at HIMSS 2023 was Alex Wendling, Flow Core Specialist at the University of Virginia. In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, Wiik and Wendling discuss the intersections of...

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      Live from HIMSS with Geoffrey Roche

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 19

      Health IQ is a concept that explores the intersection of health equity and education, with an emphasis on the role of data in improving outcomes. This episode of Healthcare Rethink features a thought-provoking discussion...

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      Transforming Coverage to Meet Healthcare Needs with SCAN Health Plan

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 18

      John Petito, SVP of Transformation at SCAN Health Plan, joins the podcast to share his story and how his work is helping enable new types of healthcare coverage for diverse populations. Join us to hear how health plans are...

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      How myPlace Health is Changing Healthcare

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 17

      From myPlace Health, Rhiannon Iorio Perry and Dr. Rob Schreiber join the podcast to share their stories and efforts to expand health at home for seniors across the United States. myPlace believes building a new care...

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      Tokenizing Data to Improve Individual Health with Datavant

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 16

      We have now entered a universe of “determinants of health” ranging from medical debt to housing to medication access to transportation… literally all things impact health that happen outside a doctor’s office. On this...

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      Invest in Health Equity or Healthcare Will Fail

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 15

      Dr. Omar Lateef, President and CEO at Rush University Medical Center, Dr. David Ansell, Senior VP for Community Health Equity at Rush University Medical Center, and Dr. David Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus, Jefferson College...

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      NCQA: Accelerating Health Equity Outcomes

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 14

      Bryan O. Buckley DrPH, MPH, MBA, the Director of Health Equity Initiatives at the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), joins the podcast to share his story and efforts to progress health equity for...

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      Abolishing Medical Debt in the United States with RIP Medical Debt

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 13

      According to the 2020 Survey of Income and Program Participation the collective US Medical Debt totaled $195 Billion in 2019 alone. This figure is expected to grow by healthcare economists and finance experts. How can we...

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      Technology Transforming the Impact of SDOH Programs with Amit Kale

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 12

      Seeing the social health needs at the household level is very challenging, but is where Amit Kale, Vice President at Highmark Health, believes we need to start to help members live healthier lives. Amit Kale joins the...

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      Navigating Profitability in the NFP Hospital Space with Kevin Holloran

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 11

      On this episode of Healthcare Rethink, Kevin Holloran, Senior Director at Fitch Ratings, and host, Jonathan Wiik, dig into the financial performance of health systems and hospitals coming out of “one of the worst years...

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      Population Health, Failures of Leadership, Promises of Technology

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 10

      Join Dr. David Nash, known as the Father of Population Health, on the Healthcare Rethink podcast. He discusses his new book, “How COVID Crashed the System: A Guide to Fixing American Health Care,” and outlines what needs...

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      How Walgreens is Reimagining Localized Healthcare

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 9

      Did you know 75% of clinical trial participants are Caucasian? Did you also know about 20% of drugs affect people differently based on demographics like race, gender, and age? That's why diversity in clinical trials is so...

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      Market Outlook, Payer Collaboration and RCM Excellence

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 8

      Banner Health operates a $2B+ health plan and has had some innovative strategies in payer collaboration. Combining shared datasets, along with a unique approach to process improvement has helped Banner navigate the...

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      Pushing Healthcare Forward with Brad Kimler

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 7

      Brad Kimler, Chief Commercial Officer of Embold Health, joins Brian Urban in the podcast "studio" to talk about using data to help healthcare providers improve performance and ultimately advance the healthcare economy for...

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      Becker's Health IT and Revenue Cycle Conference 2022

      Jonathan Wiik, VP of Healthcare Insights at FinThrive joins Scott Becker on the Becker’s Healthcare podcast to talk about health insurance, insights from his new book “Healthcare Evolution: Helping Providers Get Paid in an Era of Uncertainty” and more!

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      SDOH and Mission Based ROI with John Gorman

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 6

      Join John Gorman, Government Health Programs Expert and SDOH Investor, on Healthcare Rethink. Find out how John has made a business out of alleviating poverty and racism in healthcare.

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      Navigating Healthcare in America with Dr. Eric Bricker

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 5

      In the latest FinThrive podcast, Dr. Eric Bricker talks about the complicated business of healthcare in America and how it effects the care patients receive.

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      What's Ahead of 2023 with Jonathan Wiik

      Jonathan Wiik, VP of Healthcare Insights at FinThrive joins the first episode of “FINN Voices” to talk about the healthcare industry, the recent Becker’s IT and Revenue management conference in Chicago and innovation in the revenue management.

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      Opportunities in Community Health with Brook Ward

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 4

      In this episode, we talk to Brook Ward, President & CEO of Washington Health System, about the importance a regional health system brings to local communities.

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      Policies, Politics and Healthcare with Geoffrey Roche

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 3

      In this episode, we talk to Professor of Population Health, Geoffrey Roche, about health equity, political determinants of health and how healthcare leaders across the ecosystem can come together with lawmakers to drive...

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      How Digital Communities are Transforming Healthcare with Twill

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 2

      In this episode, we talk to Dakota Donovan and Bobby Murphy of Twill about how they are combining technology with humanity to create digital-first solutions for condition-focused care communities. Are digital communities...

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      How UPMC for You is Rethinking Healthcare

      Healthcare Rethink - Episode 1

      Introducing The Healthcare Rethink podcast! On Episode 1, we talk to John Lovelace, President at UPMC for You, about how his team is making big changes by supporting their members’ life outside of traditional healthcare.

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      The Current State of Healthcare and Digital Health

      In this 30-minute episode of “This Just In”, Jeff Becker, VP of Portfolio Marketing at FinThrive sheds light on the latest trends, strategy and innovations impacting healthcare finance. Hear best practices on how to navigate rising costs while improving...

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      Addressing Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health

      In this episode, we are joined by Tammie Jackson, Chief Growth Officer at FinThrive, to discuss how socioeconomic attributes can lead to health disparities, and how SDOH data can help drive meaningful change.

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      The Importance of Knowing Your Members

      It’s critical for payer organizations to engage their members. In this episode, Jen Dieter, Vice President of Sales for our Payer Market, shares  payer insights that offer real value to members and the communities in which they live. 

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